"I have always been curious about the existence of a Jewish community in Armenia and am glad to have found this site. However I would like to know where and when the film is showing. I live in the Boston area. Thank you."
David, MA USA

"This film is fascinating and amazing. It is a step forward to the research of Jewish history in Armenia. In my opinion, it raises a question of possibility, that some Armenians are Jews and have been assimilated in Armenian communities. Great work and tank you Mr. Akchyan!"
Armen Vardanian, San Jose, CA USA

"I look forward to seeing this film and posting how it connects with the history of Spiritual Christians and Molokans."
Andy Conovaloff, Sun City, AZ USA

"I hignly recommend this film to all, especially to jews and armenians ! As an Armenian, it helped me to better understand the many common aspects of my background and the jewish culture. I always knew there must of been some kind of a connection between us. It's too bad that the film only lasts about 30 minutes ! Can't wait for part 2. "

"Truly breathtaking, Mr. Akchyan! I could not recommend this film more highly to anyone who has not been able to watch it yet. Can't wait to see more of your projects."
Matthias Oppermann, Berlin, Germany

"When will be a Part 2?"
Arthur Ovsepyan, CA USA

"First, I would like to express my great appreciation for the exceptional project you have undertaken. This documentary is not only a reflection of history, which affords the viewer an intimate recollection of the past, it also enables the viewer to understand some of the nuances and intricacies associated with the Armenian-Jewish community. I am confident that this film will encourage further research and understanding of this unique and remarkably persistent, unrelenting, and determined community. Will there be a Part 2?."
Suren Stepanyan, New Orleans, LA USA

"This film is an amazing piece of work. Not only did it provide me with a comprehensive knowledge of the plight of Armenian Jews, but it also showcases beautiful scenes in Israel and Armenia. At a time when religious tensions are high, I think this film is important as it allows the audience a glimpse of an largely overlooked Jewish population and their internal identity struggle."
Jocelyn, Washington, DC USA

"Cool film -- an outstanding piece of art! "
Jasmin Mehovic, Boston, MA USA