The aim of this film is to investigate, present, raise questions, and attract attention to the cultural, social, and identity issues that are experienced by the members of the Jewish community of Armenia. It is a search to discover whether Armenia is a unique place for a Jew, whether there, in fact, are Jewish Armenians or, Armenian Jews…?

The film is intended to aid in laying the grounds for theoretical reflection and analysis. Its purpose is to explore the magic, the mystery that surrounds Jewish-Armenian relations, perhaps it being a phenomenon that is sustained by two strong identities and self-confidence in their own ethno-religious groups—culminating in survival, tolerance, coexistence.

The aim of this project is not to make claims or prescribe identities. It aspires to understand the peculiarities of Jewish and Armenian cultures, their religions, and faiths. It attempts to visualize and verbalize the phenomenon of being Armenian and Jewish—together. It is hoped that this film will kindle interest for further study and discovery.

Jews in Armenia: The Hidden Diaspora was shot in the summer of 2001 in Armenia, Israel, and the US and premiered in New York City in June of 2002.